Friday, July 15, 2011

Better Life Bags: Pinterest Challenge

Thanks to Jana Floyd, I've entered a contest.  My fantastic sister helped me edit the pictures!  We'll see how it goes, but here's my entry!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pants are complete!

What do ya think?  Could use a little work, for sure!  
(Oh, it was hard to get him to stand still, so this was the best I could get!)

His version of 'muscles'

Sew it all begins...

Well, I'm almost done with my first sewing project, inspired by a blog, MADE.  I also attempted a bow tie, not so sure about this yet!  lol

My first bowtie!

Pants are almost done, just need hemming!

Hem, hem, hem!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Workin' at the car wash!

Child Labor? 

He works hard for the money!

Oh no, it's dripping on me!

Thanks to my little helper today!


So, thanks to Jana Floyd, I am officially ADDICTED to Pinterest!  It is a fantastic way to find creative ideas for almost anything!  Hair, home, cooking...etc, etc, etc.  If you haven't joined yet, I think you have to have an invite...just let me know!  :)  Happy Pinning!


Well, I've decided to finally join the bloggin' world!  I seem to have plenty of time on my hands lately, so why not?  I'm going to try and add things daily.  Some may be creative, some personal and hopefully some that will be helpful.  So, here I go Bloggers!!!